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Practical broadband advice and useful tools

Having problems with your broadband service or supplier? These pages should help you resolve the issues you're experiencing.

Broadband Rewards Explained

What kind of free gifts rewards can you get when you sign up to a broadband deal, and should you really let them influence your choice? We'll guide you through everything you need to know about broadband rewards.

How to Complain to Your Broadband Supplier

Unhappy with your broadband and want to complain? Our guide to broadband complaints will take you through the process.


How to Speed Up Slow Broadband

Slow broadband can be frustrating. However there's plenty you can try to increase your broadband speed without switching suppliers. Our handy guide will help you ensure your connection is in tip top condition as fast as possible.

Broadband Tools

Who provides the cheapest and fastest broadband where you live? Who provides the fastest broadband nationwide? How fast is your current connection? We offer a variety of tools on our site to answer these questions and help you tell which provider is best for you.

Broadband Reviews

A good way to know the positives and negatives of any given broadband provider can be to read what current customers of that provider think about their broadband. You can read these reviews here, or leave one of your own so others can know just how good your provider actually is.

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